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Let’s talk about the importance of Web Development Services.

Let’s talk about the importance of Web Development Services.

When you think about a developer, one of the first things that come to mind is “Web Developers” or “Web Designers”, but if we narrow down this description you will see the wide-ranging applications for web development and its importance in everyday life. I’ve been working since the early 90s on software packages and websites. From websites built by myself to website platforms like WordPress, Wix and Squarespace, and everything in between. This is just one area of my professional experience, so I can speak from my own perspective as well as from my years developing web software that other people have used and benefited from in many ways. The most obvious ones would be word processing programs such as Microsoft Word (which is now renamed Office) and PowerPoint, which are quite powerful tools and have helped me immensely with writing documents and spreadsheets over time. These days I also use Google Docs for research, and then work on presentations using PowerPoint for editing.

The next item that comes to mind for many people would be email services and applications. In fact, when I say email services and applications I mean webmail, as opposed to e-mail services like Hotmail or Mail, where users are limited to text messaging. That was until Microsoft introduced Windows Live Mail, an internet email service that became popular with companies like Cisco Systems and Dell. Also known as SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, these emails are available for free as there is no chargeback for sending an email across the Internet. All the features of online messaging with your friends are also included. My advice with regards to messaging people over the World Wide Web is often very different than my instructions for traditional chatting. Don’t expect anything special from an instant message, as your message could be lost or deleted at any moment. But what do you usually get? A reply. So even though I have not had much luck with IM, especially on Facebook Messenger, I have been able to make some useful connections through SMS messages, and I have found out that some people use WhatsApp for their primary communication method of choice. If you are interested in exploring our toolkit, check out our course Learning Swift Programming!

So that gives us a good overview of web development tools and techniques. To build a site for your business it helps to know how HTML, CSS and JavaScript work together, and they are all used to create dynamic sites. For example, when I developed an About Me page for this company, HTML was generated automatically based on specific keywords, based on my headings. When someone clicked on them they were redirected to pages within the site. This way, my SEO was already working behind the scenes, and my visitors would find the content of each page exactly as intended. Then, once we developed the technical part of the website – CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and the database – PHP we found ourselves needing some additional coding skill to help keep up. Luckily for us, Ruby was created by Erich Gamma, who worked at Yahoo!, and allows us to easily add interactive elements (such as maps or videos) into our code. Since we started doing projects, I have found more examples of Ruby as a language in general. Because Ruby has simple syntax and high readability, it makes it easy to learn for beginners as well as experienced programmers alike! Another thing worth knowing is frameworks. Frameworks or libraries make building apps easier and faster. We are now going to look at some examples of both languages, especially PHP, C++ and Java, along with some basic coding skills and tips:


PHP is one of those languages that makes sense for making websites out of because it has lots of great frameworks and templates. As a rule of thumb, you should always start from scratch rather than starting a project from the ground up. Instead of designing your own project from the beginning start from a blank canvas, choose one of the pre-made designs and start building right away using the best practices. Some libraries such as Laravel make this process easier, while others make it harder. You will need to write your own customizations. Although sometimes, you may save time by learning something new that doesn’t require reinventing the wheel, in that case, consider using a library such as WP frameworks.

One of the main advantages of starting from a clean slate is that you can focus on what actually matters – and that’s the real value of having a project with a clear purpose.


C++ also works well with modern browsers. It is also commonly used by Android and iOS mobile apps, as well as servers and desktop user interfaces. One reason it is better suited to mobile programming than others is due to its native interface. However, we still recommend learning C if possible, because C++ is easier to learn on modern hardware. Although not recommended for embedded devices such as vehicles or drones, it is certainly worth mentioning when talking about learning new technologies like Python or Javascript.


Java is another language where frameworks, i.e. libraries, simplify the development process. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of documentation, especially for junior coders. Having said that, the most comprehensive list of resources is maintained by Oracle. While it is still fairly outdated, anyone willing to learn will enjoy reading books by Frank Gohmert, Dennis Ritchie and Dave Patterson. They cover all the fundamentals, including intermediate topics such as objects, classes, arrays, and functions. Of course, you don’t need to touch these concepts right away in practice, but it can be helpful in preparing yourself for further studies. After completing their courses, it might also be advantageous to join a community on Twitter, LinkedIn or Quora for discussion and knowledge sharing!

It’s hard for many novice programmers to cope with the difficulties of learning other programming languages. However, the steps mentioned above can be used in parallel to overcome your difficulties, especially if you feel overwhelmed. Being too stressed before a big event like a presentation can cause problems. There are quite a few tips that I recommend. First, focus on learning fundamental concepts of a language before diving into advanced topics. Secondly, remember how you learned other programming languages, and apply this to any new language. Thirdly, try to stick to a schedule and avoid getting sidetracked. Try to limit distractions, and find breaks throughout working hours to refresh your mind. Take care of your body and maintain a healthy relationship with it and exercise. Finally, never give up. Even though you will get lost along the way, it can prove to be beneficial in setting goals and achieving them.

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